David’s Thanksgiving Prayer on Completing Preparations for the Temple

1 Chronicles 29:10–19

Biblical Period

10David blessed the Lord in front of all the assemblage; David said, “Blessed are You, Lord, God of Israel our father, from eternity to eternity. 11Yours, Lord, are greatness, might, splendor, triumph, and majesty— yes, all that is in heaven and on earth; to You, Lord, belong kingship and preeminence above all. 12Riches and honor are Yours to dispense; You have dominion over all; with You are strength and might, and it is in Your power to make anyone great and strong. 13Now, God, we praise You and extol Your glorious name. 14Who am I and who are my people, that we should have the means to make such a freewill offering; but all is from You, and it is Your gift that we have given to You. 15For we are sojourners with You, mere transients like our fathers; our days on earth are like a shadow, with nothing in prospect. 16O Lord our God, all this great mass that we have laid aside to build You a House for Your holy name is from You, and it is all Yours. 17I know, God, that You search the heart and desire uprightness; I, with upright heart, freely offered all these things; now Your people, who are present here—I saw them joyously making freewill offerings. 18O Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, our fathers, remember this to the eternal credit of the thoughts of Your people’s hearts, and make their hearts constant toward You. 19As to my son Solomon, give him a whole heart to observe Your commandments, Your admonitions, and Your laws, and to fulfill them all, and to build this temple for which I have made provision.”


Reprinted from Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 1985 by the Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia.

Published in: The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, vol. 1.

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