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Sensitive Content

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The Posen Library contains historical documents, works of literature, and artwork representing an array of perspectives across time periods and places. In certain examples, the selections describe and depict the following: racism, slavery and the slave trade, gender- and sexual-based violence, hate speech, violence, and microaggressions against a variety of populations including people of color, non-Ashkenazic and/or non-white Jews, and non-Jewish Arabs.

The Posen Library’s digital collection includes these sources without changing their original content because they reflect views at the time they were written and provide insight into Jewish history. The Posen Library does not condone or promote these ideologies. We have done our best to mark these entries with warnings so that users can choose whether to engage with them. 

There are many different reasons why an entry contains a sensitive content label, including, but not exclusively, that its contents may cause harm. A sensitive content label does not imply that the creator (author or artist) held these perspectives, only that the source includes them. In addition, terms once commonly used may now be understood to be damaging.

Please email info@posenlibrary.com immediately if you discover material that you believe should include a sensitive content warning.

To learn more about the Posen Library’s selection process for our sources, see Our Sources and Curation and Our Story and Goals.

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