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Welcome to the New Posen Library

Here you’ll find texts and images spanning more than 3,000 years of Jewish history and culture. Our free site aims to ensure that thought leaders and scholars of Jewish history can represent Jewish life holistically and with a multiplicity of voices.
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Our Curated Collections

On this site you can explore our curated collections, which demonstrate how our text and image sources can be used to illuminate, inspire, and engage, providing unique opportunities to create conversations about Jewish history and culture across time and geography. Register for free access to the sources in these collections.

Featured Sources

Text and image sources now available on the site represent about half of the full collection, with more coming soon. They include ancient Israel's beginnings (up to 332 BCE) and the period from 1750 until 1973. 

More coming soon!

Posen Library is a dynamic and expanding resource. More than 2,000 additional sources from 1500 to 2005—essential for understanding Jewish modernity—will be available digitally in spring 2024. 

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