La juive

Jacques-François-Fromental-Élie Halévy


The plot of La Juive (The Jewish Woman), an opera in five acts, centered around a romance between a Jewish woman and a Christian man. It was one of the most popular operas of the nineteenth century.


  1. Jacques-François-Fromental-Élie Halévy, Libretto cover for La juive, 1835. Libretto by Eugène Scribe. First performed: 1835, Opéra de Paris. La Juive (opera) Paris: Maurice Schlesinger, n.d.(1835). Paris: Brandus, Dufour & Cie., n.d. [1857]. Plate B. & Cie. 9198. Reprinted Paris: Henry Lemoine, n.d. (after 1878). Plate 4304.HL
  2. Alexandre-Marie Colin, Cornélie Falcon as Rachel in the opera La Juive by Halévy, 1835. Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Published in: The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, vol. 6.

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