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Sample Sources

The sources below are those contained in our three curated collections—covering themes of Passover, Gender Roles, and Holocaust Resistance. They represent a fraction of the thousands of sources that will be available when the full site launches in 2024.
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Exterior photograph of brick building of high niches.
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Old Synagogue, Krakow

The Old Synagogue (Alte-Schul, or Stara Bożnica) of Kraków is located in the Kazimierz district of the city. Because it was in a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vulnerable to attack by…
Photograph of room with raised central platform with columns and several chandeliers.
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Synagogue Mejor, Bursa, Turkey

The Synagogue Mejor is a synagogue in Bursa, Turkey, built in the late fifteenth century by Jews who settled in the Ottoman Empire after being expelled from Majorca. Its name “Mejor” commemorates the…
Painting of wooded landscape with path through the middle, and several women on either side sitting and walking.
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In der Krieau

Tina Blau is best known for her landscapes, which she painted in the style known as Stimmungsimpressionismus (mood impressionism). She played a key role in developing the style in Austria. Der Krieau…
Painting of wide-eyed man walking through dead bodies and crucifixes.
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The Wandering Jew

In The Wandering Jew, a man driven mad with horror runs through an apocalyptic landscape full of crucifixes and strewn with corpses. A protest against the long history of Christian persecution of Jews…
Painting of figure facing viewer and wearing large hat.
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La Juive (The Jewess)

Amedeo Modigliani painted La Juive before he developed the signature style of his late work: portraits of women with elongated necks and faces. But a hint of that style can be seen here in the…
Sketch of man gazing down at a woman on the ground amid ruins of a building.
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Under Her Father's Eyes

In 1903, the paintings of Abel Pann had helped draw attention and international outrage to the Kishinev pogrom. Pann again used his art to document the devastation of Jewish communities in Eastern…
Photograph of building façade with significant decorative trim on window frames and beams.
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Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue

Kneseth Eliyahoo was endowed in honor of Baghdad-born Eliyahoo (Elias) David Sassoon (1820–1880), son of textile magnate David Sassoon (1792–1864), by Elias’s sons. The synagogue was constructed in…