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Sample Sources

The sources below are those contained in our three curated collections—covering themes of Passover, Gender Roles, and Holocaust Resistance. They represent a fraction of the thousands of sources that will be available when the full site launches in 2024.
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Textile with woven image of two hands at bottom beneath censer and decorative borders.
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Torah Ark Curtain

This Torah ark curtain from Gördes, Turkey, features an archway flanked on either side with double columns and a hanging lamp, a motif common to both Islamic prayer rugs and mats and Ottoman Torah ark…
Cup and saucer picturing man in profile on cup and his home on the center of the plate.
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Cup and Saucer

This cup and saucer set features a portrait of Jewish German banker Isaac Daniel Itzig and a picture of one of his homes in Berlin, the Bartholdy Meierei (Bartholdi dairy) on Köpenickerstrasse…
Gold crown decorated with floral motifs.
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Torah Crown

The purpose of the Torah crown is visually to augment the status of the Torah scroll, emphasizing its importance and centrality to Jewish life. These magnificent silver ornaments are placed over the…
Photograph of room with inner doorways.
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St. Etienne Burial Caves

On the grounds of the St. Étienne monastery, north of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, were two elaborate burial caves that each included a large central hall surrounded by several rectangular rooms…
Ivory or bone spoon handle and portion of spoon bowl depicting a person wearing headdress and clothing with one arm raised, and lotus blossom to left of figure.
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Ivory or Bone Spoon

The image on the handle of this spoon from Beth Zur is of a person in a ceremonial pose with one arm raised. The lotus blossom on the left reinforces Egyptian iconographic connections. Part of the…
Terra-cotta bed with headrest and footrest standing on four legs.
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Model Bed

Since chairs and beds were valuable items and not found in average homes (people usually sat on the floor and slept on mats), it is possible that terra-cotta models like this one from Lachish…
Wall relief showing six men dressed in tunics, one prostrate and two kneeling, with two bearded soldiers behind them.
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Men Doing Obeisance to Sennacherib

The six men from Lachish in this section of Sennacherib's palace relief are dressed quite differently from the men shown in other sections. They are clad in the simplest of short-sleeved, unbelted…
Wall relief of adult male walking with two boys dressed in tunics and caps.
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A Man from Lachish with His Sons

This detail appears in a relief from the palace of Sennacherib, king of Assyria (r. 705–681 BCE), in Nineveh depicting the Assyrian conquest of Lachish in 701 BCE. (For the full relief, see "Conquest…