To You, Lord God, we call out

Wife of Shimon Soave

Leonor de Carvajal


To You, Lord God, we call out
With cries and with clamoring
For we are most distressed.
See how we lose hope
If no one comes to our rescue.
You protect lost children,
The helpless orphans,
The distressed widows,
The assaulted maidens,
The helpless orphans,
And others less free
In brutal prisons
Deprived of light.
Crippled with tortures
And by brutal prisons,
Our hearts
Cower in such fear
At the constant afflictions
And heavy tribulations,
That we forget Your love.
Do not delay Your aid,
Lord God of the heavens;
Relieve our pain.
Let Your wrath subside
Just as You promised,
And recall not our errors.
To You we will devote ourselves,
And though we fail You
Many times each day,
We acknowledge you as our Lord
And invoke Your name
Always at night and in the day.
We regret our sins
And shall do penance;
Look not at the past,
Show mercy, Lord,
As has always been Your custom.

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Rectangular cloth arranged in two columns embroidered with Hebrew text and small Star of David on right side.
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The Torah binder (also known as a wimpel) was intended to accompany the male child through his lifetime, through the stages of his circumcision, bar mitzvah, and wedding. This linen Torah binder from Italy, which features biblical verses and blessings, was embroidered in silk thread by the wife of Simon Soave.


Leonor de Carvajal, “A ti, señor Dior, clamamos (To You, Lord God, We Call Out)” (prayer, Mexico, 1589–1595). Published in: Michelle M. Hamilton, “La poesía de Leonor de Carvajal y la tradición de los criptojudíos en Nueva España,” Sefarad, vol. 60, no. 1 (June 30, 2000): pp. 75–93 (89–90).

Published in: The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, vol. 5.

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